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benefits of stem cell research

The controversy brought by its discovery made it impossible for some people to see benefits of stem cell research. Stem cells' true potentials for treating diseases is yet to be known, though its applications has already been used many times around by experts especially in the medical field.
Scientists continues to work hard to learn more of stem cells benefits and how it can treat serious diseases.
Stem cell research pros and cons

Benefits of stem cell research

The first step that health experts took to explore stem cells benefits and true potential is to understand first how they transform.
Cancer, birth defects and other genetic conditions are thought to occur under different circumstances.
To understand the procedure of how such conditions occur help scientists harness the potential of stem cells to reverse these conditions.
Potential application cord blood stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction .

What are stem cells?

Cell-Based therapies using stem cells

Another potential application of stem cells is the formation of cells and tissues for medical treatment. Currently, donated organs and tissues were used to replace damaged or dysfunctional cells.
Unfortunately, the number of people awaiting transplant is far greater than the number of available organs. Transplant waiting lists are huge and many people die while waiting for the operation to take place.

Stem cells offer a viable source of replacement cells to treat diseases and can potentially reduce morbidity and mortality. Some of the areas that stem cells can benefit are Arthritis, burn or fire victims, Cardiovascular or heart diseases, Parkinson's and type I Diabetes.

Benefits of stem cells on health

By directing stem cells to differentiate into specialized cell types, there is the exciting possibility to provide a renewable source of replacement cells for those suffering from diseases.
The potential to reverse disease is not a mystery anymore. For example, one patient who has suffered a heart attack and heart damage could have sustained damaged tissue replaced by healthy new muscle cells.
The destruction of brain cells in diseases such as Parkinson's disease is expected to be reversed with the substitution of new cells to make the brain function healthily.

Even more promising is the potential for dealing with genetic defects that are present from birth to restore health and function with the introduction of normal, healthy cells that do not have these conditions.

Benefits of stem cells on pharmacy

Stem cells have an important benefit for the pharmaceutical sector.
The new drugs can be tested with stem cells to evaluate their safety before testing the drug in animal models and humans.
For example, a cancer cell line could be created to test a drug for tumor. If the conditions can be perfectly replicated, experiment with drugs could provide very accurate results.

Stem cell benefits

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